1st Wargrave Scout Group

Day 3 – Campfire in Finland!

So we made it to the weekend! In this blog we will take you through Friday our second full day in Roihu.

So here is a summary of Day 3 from George:

“…Yesterday we were in the creative valley and we made copper amulets and coloured them. In the afternoon we did memes and anti bullying social media things. We also did estimating time trials where you had to estimate things as fast as you could. In the evening we had a campfire and sung Finnish and English songs. When we were around the campfire we did the Macarena and danced to it. We also sang some Finnish songs and told some jokes….”

Keep following us on Twitter we see posting at least 20 pictures a day. We will try and catch up as we have some more free time tomorrow and get some blogging from our other Scouts. Bye for now!