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Conditions of Hire of Wargrave Scout HQ, Berkshire

Availability for Hire

The hall is available for children’s parties, family parties and society meetings when not being used for Scout activities. Bookings for hire should be made with:

Sarah Ayel (hall@wargravescouts.org)

When contacting Sarah please provide her with date of the event, timings, type of activity, your contact details etc.


The minimum hire charge is £10 per hour for a minimum of two hours (£20).
Thereafter, additional hours are charged at a rate of £10 per hour or per part hour. This charge includes use of the tables and chairs in the HQ. Tables are available for separate hire for use at other venues at a charge of £4 each (minimum hire charge £10) or £20 for six tables. The hirer is responsible for collection and return of the tables to the HQ.

Method of Payment

Cheques should be made payable to ˜1st Wargrave Scout Group” and given to the Treasurer, Janet Moseley or to Sarah Ayel on collection of keys.


The key is available from Sarah Ayel or an Executive Committee member as arranged. The key should be returned as agreed at the time of hiring. On leaving, the alarm should be activated as explained at the time of hiring.

Heating and Lighting

Heating comes on automatically. However, you should turn up the thermostat on the hall wall to required temperature (eg 20oC) when you arrive and turn off again when you leave. If you need to turn off the two heaters in the hall (maybe because of noise), then please ensure that they are turned on again before you leave.

Please do not touch the radiator valves or the boiler settings.

Please ensure you turn off all the lights as you leave. The lights for the toilets are activated automatically and turn off on a timed switch.


Please leave the room as you found it and vacuum the room before you leave. The hirer is responsible for removing all left over food, drink, packaging etc. Bin bags should not be left outside of the HQ.


A kettle, cooker and fridge are available. The hirer may also use the crockery and cutlery in the kitchen. Please report all breakages; a charge may be made for replacements.