1st Wargrave Scout Group

Day 4 – Saturday we learnt about ourselves

On Saturday we ventured into the Valley called ‘About Me’. We use these blogs as a Scout reflection, from a Scouts perspective, about what they have done and learnt. For a real-time view of our Finland experience please read and follow our Twitter feed – we added another 20+ pictures and posts today.

Today’s guest blogger is Daniel who writes:

“…We had a fun day yesterday learning about ourselves which included our abilities of organisation, accuracy, mobility, humour, creativity and braveness, Our first activity was the pathway activity where as a patrol we went to different stations collecting beads and reflecting on certain life skills. We made a bracelet with the beads. We also wrote on a comic wall and I enjoyed painting on the large mural of a Dragon. We also visited the Ranbo activity which was more physical and we played elephant ball with a huge football, then we played Finnish hockey with brooms. After lunch we did several teamwork challenges including puzzles and a dice building challenge. Then we had to face our fears in a tree rope activity. When we got back to our camp we had more free time so started to build a tower and I built the front wall which I was very proud of. I used a hammer, nails and a saw. I am really enjoying the camp and have made some new Finnish friends…”

Another fabulous day in the forest in Finland. Nite,nite.
Please excuse typos the Scouts are writing on a small iPhone screen!