1st Wargrave Scout Group

Day 2 – Our First Finland Activity Day!

Well we finally got our missing bags on Day 3 so we are all even happier now! We are fully into the daily programme of activities and if you have been following our Twitter account you will see all the pictures. We don’t have much time to blog (and we are already a day behind!), but here is some insight into Thursday, our first full day at Roihu.

This blog contribution comes from Jack:

“… Yesterday (21/7) we were in the experience valley and we enjoyed lots of different activities including ‘The Dark Cafe’ which involved finding our way to a table of biscuits and drinks blindfolded, this made us appreciate how valuable our sight is. We also played a traditional Finnish game of Yatzy where you had to throw 5 dice and add up the amount shown, if you got all the same number you got Yatzy! We also did some Construction, which was making a tin can stove, this was tricky as we had to droll holes in the side but it kept sliding, however, we persevered and eventually succeeded and even managed to cook some marshmallows! Some of the others decided to enter “The Voice Finland” and sang the famous ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ song and all the judges turned and they got through to the next stage. After lunch we returned to the Creative Valley and made some musical instruments out of a milk carton, a toilet roll, elastic bands and some whittled sticks, it didn’t really work that well, but it was good fun making it! We returned to the casino later and played some more traditional Finnish casino games. This included a bowling like game which was throwing a piece of wood at 12 numbered pieces, it was great fun trying to knock the pieces as far away as possible, I think George won that. Just before dinner we had a chance to swim in the lake, which was a lot colder than any of us anticipated. The lake colour was surprising as it had plenty of brown peat in it. Joe was enjoying it and managed to retrieve a rock as a souvenir from the bottom. Some of us also took a couple of minutes to experience a nice sauna. In the evening we had a friendship meeting in our little unit village and then we went to explore our subcamp, Hurma, with some new Finnish friends and we did mini activities after some free time…”

Thanks Jack that was some great insight from a Scouts perspective! Please keep reading our blog here and looking at our photos on Twitter! We are now really enjoying our time in Finland. Bye for now!

(Excuse any typos remember we are doing this all on a tiny iPhone screen!)