1st Wargrave Scout Group

Day 1 – Travelling to Finland!

It was a bit hectic yesterday so we are blogging about it today. We don’t have a lot of spare time and we are just using an iPhone – so the daily blogs will be short and sweet.

For a more detailed view of what we are up to, in almost real-time and complete with photo’s, please be sure to follow us on Twitter. We are picking up lots of re-tweets and likes and we have random leaders and parents following us, which is great!  Our tweets have also made it onto the Roihu Instagram front page apparently! We have also had Scouts recognise our Scouts, and mention that they have seen us on Twitter. Amazing! So I hope our tweeting has been informative and fun so far, we intend to keep doing it!

Our blog will be largely written by our Scouts do you get an insight into their experience. Here is our first bog entry from Lucy, describing the start of our adventure:

“…We were all at the airport waiting for the plane, in the shops we all sat eating sweets (tangfastics and pinballs) then we all went to the plane and changed around a bit I was next to Grace and the window. Then we took off, we were doing many things when they come around with FOOD which we ate it was really nice. Then we landed. We then got to airport security, to get our bags…”

Thomas picks up the story from here:

“…We were sitting and everyone was getting their bags and taking them off the conveyor belt and Wargrave Scouts and Leaders were waiting for bags. Some bags that we’d seen a few times kept coming round and round but they were not the Wargrave grey ones. We were all sitting and waiting. We kept waiting for over an hour while the leaders sorted out where the bags were. We were playing with the trolleys, riding them while we waited. After it was sorted out that team Wargrave would get our bags the next day (they still are yet to arrive at camp) we all left to get on the coach. For 2 hours we were on the coach eating crisps the Leaders bought as a snack. Then when we arrived we got off and walked to a big clearing where the opening ceremony would happen…”

Joseph talks about the opening ceremony:

“…Now we are at the opening ceremony. It was in a large wooded bowl in the forest there was lots of dancing particulaurly to do with fire and smoke and lights on a festival stage. I am writing from the next day and have now found out that ROIHU means FIRE! Back to the ceremony… There was also some cheesy scripted acting. We had a small snack and went to bed went to bed at half 1 (that’s half eleven English time!)…”

Thats it for our first blog, we will try and get all the Scouts to type something about their experience, and we will also try and catch-up so we are recalling our experience of the day we are in rather than the day before. Thanks for reading!