1st Wargrave Scout Group

Subscription – Change of process to OSM

At our recent AGM, we announced that from the Autumn Term 2015, 1st Wargrave Scout Group will be managing its subscriptions through an automated online system (Online Scout Manager (OSM)). Subs will remain at £30 per term across the whole Group, but there will no longer be an early payment reduction, since it will not be applicable with a direct debit payment.
This will make it much easier for you to pay subs – no need to remember to dig out your cheque book any more or do online banking, it will all be automated once you have been set up. The setup is a very quick and easy process.
You will receive an email in early September outlining the process to set up an account with GoCardless. This takes less than a minute and once completed, we will manage all the rest.  All you will need is your bank details. Payments of £30 will then be taken (by direct debit through the GoCardless account) on 20th September, 20th January and 20th May of each year (assuming your child remains in the Group). You will receive an email notification a few days before the payment goes out and then again, once it has been taken.
You will also be able to register for Gift Aid very easily, which enables the Scout Group to benefit by 25p in every pound you pay.
Rest assured, as soon as your son or daughter leaves the Group, no further subs will be taken.