1st Wargrave Scout Group

Day 8 – Global Activities in Finland. Day 9 – We Travel Home!

Wednesday was our last full day at camp, we will miss Roihu, our 12 young people and 3 leaders have had so much fun here.

This blog post was written by Ollie:

“…Yesterday we were in the global valley. I entered openminded not knowing what to expect. At first a lady explained that we were children abandoned in a crisis zone, we had “passports” and after each activity we would receive a stamp. Pete came up to us and put an end to the idea of me only doing one activity for one stamp and said I had to do all SIX activities! First of all was the earthquake simulator which gave us a rough experience of what happened when an earthquake happens. Next was the school, yes school, when we thought school wasn’t going to start for another 5 weeks! School wasn’t too bad but we were all pleased when it finished. Third came the slum which allowed us to build a shelter out of debris and a man would hit it with a stick to see if it would hold up. We couldn’t go until it was stable. Next was the hospital, we had to save someone from an injury or at least help them. The penultimate one is games and plays, for this we had to make a ball and try to shoot it in a hoop. Finally we learnt about Malaria in the forward thinking base and made a protesting banner. The opening ceremony was long, quite the opposite to the closing ceremony. A Finnish popstar lady came and sang to us. It all went well and we were all happy when it finished because we all needed sleep for today’s long trip home!  Overall this trip was great and worthwhile it will definitely make us appreciate what we usually take for granted. On behalf of the Scouts I would like to thank all our leaders Pete, Paul and Caroline for the great trip. We are sorry that Nige wasn’t there to enjoy like us but we were thinking of him…”

That’s a great summary from Ollie, the most any Scout has written! Glad you enjoyed the trip so much! We have all had an amazing time in Finland. See our Twitter feed for comments and pictures. Please save any photos that you like to keep as a digital memory of our adventure!

On Thursday 28th July, our ninth day in Finland, we left Roihu with many happy memories and arrived back in the UK to meet our families. We have had such an amazing adventure, and we look forward to travelling to an International Jamboree again sometime in the future.