1st Wargrave Scout Group

Day 7 – Water Activities

Tuesday we had probably the most fun relaxing day so far, experiencing several new and different lake-based activities. In Finland there are over 188,000 lakes which are defined as being over 2 hectares in size and having a river flow in/out.

Here is a blog post written by Jacob that provides a Scouts perspective:

“…The water day was the best day because the sun was schorching down and I spent the day in the water. The first thing I did was paddling a canoe and I capsized it! Then I went sailing and stand-up paddle boarding. After lunch I went down a water slide then in a floating sauna, and on a lake trampoline and also I was really good at the water bike. Later I went to the disco and I had a donut and a Fanta drink all at once! I’ve really enjoyed the camp…”

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