1st Wargrave Scout Group

AGM Annual Reports – Beavers, Cubs & Scouts 2018-19


On Wednesday 22nd May 2019, 1st Wargrave Scout Group held its AGM.

Pete Fry our Group Scout Leader summarised another amazing year April 2018 to March 2019 across all 4 of our sections: Scouts, Puma Cubs, Beavers and Wildcat Cubs. Please read the Leader’s Annual Reports below, for more information!

Monday Scouts:
‘…It’s been a truly outstanding year at 1st Wargrave Scouts with a record five Chief Scout Gold Awards, the highest award in Scouting being achieved. In April, Scouts started the term off with a trip to Bowsey Woods to cook sausages and toast marshmallow digestive biscuit sandwiches, and to play some wide games. A highlight was a trip to St. Mary’s Church to learn about bell ringing. This was kindly organised by Bill our AGSL for Monday 23rd April, St. George’s Day. What an honour it was to ring the village bells. The scouts enjoyed climbing up the various steps and two sets of ladders to ring and then view the 8 bells…” [Read full report here]

Tuesday Puma Cubs:
“….Thanks to boundless enthusiasm and ingenuity from the Pumas, it can now be confirmed that it is indeed possible to fill 90 minutes of activity based around the humble potato. We discovered the critical load bearing height for a potato-cocktail stick construction and learnt that f your child produces a personalised potato figure with ample hairy armpits, but based on someone who they know, then don’t ask who they had in mind!…” [Read full report here]

Wednesday Lumberjack Beavers:
“…Big congratulations to Travis, Henry S, Thomas, William S, Daniel, Olly S, Lee and Oliver M who all achieved the Chief Scout Bronze award. We wish them all the best in their journey in Cubs. We would like to welcome Hyena and Tiger who joined our leader team in the Autumn term 2018. We also would like to welcome Liz and Lucinda who are supporting us with paperwork and resources. We also have Lucy and Thomas, our young leaders, helping us regularly in the sessions…” [Read full report here]

Thursday Wildcat Cubs:
“….It has been another quiet year at Wildcats, the cubs enjoy playing quietly, conjugating
Latin verbs and reciting their times tables but with effort we managed to persuade
them to: Fight a battle with actual Vikings with replica weapons and armour at the
Gilwell Funday. Go on a ten mile bear hunt fuelled only by sandwiches, sweets and ice-cream. Sing ‘Head. Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ as fast and as loud as they could around the campfire. Build shelters in the woods.…” [Read full report here]