1st Wargrave Scout Group

AGM Annual Reports – Beavers, Cubs & Scouts 2017-18

On Wednesday 23rd May 1st Wargrave Scouts held its AGM hosted by the Exec Committee and Beavers, Cubs and Scout Leaders. Many thanks to the parents that supported this group event.

Our young people have had another fun adventurous year 2017-18. To read about what they got up to, please review the leaders reports below which can be downloaded as PDF files:

Beavers – Lumberjacks (Wednesdays) Report …..As always, the Beavers have had a busy year, culminating in nine of them being awarded their Chief Scout Bronze Award. A big congratulation to Henry E, Henry D, Freddie, Oliver, William, Joe, Jackson, Marcus and Rocky. We wish them all the very best for the future. We had several excursions to Bowsey Woods, making dens, practicing fire lighting and generally enjoying being outside….
Read 2017-18 Beavers Report

Cubs – Pumas (Tuesdays) Report …..Currently up to 22 cubs and growing on Tuesday nights.  Four leaders & good team work. Big thank you to Annie. Cub Camp 2017 PACAR Scout Campsite Chalfont Height.  Cooked a four course meal over open fires. Attended by 22 cubs & 11 Beavers.  Bat Hunt around Dinton Pastures, Tai chi / Kung Fu for beginners. Sign Language Talk, demonstration & activity. Remembrance Day Parade. Christmas Show. Burns Night celebrations with special guest ‘a Scotsman’…..
Read 2017-18 Puma Cubs Report

Cubs – Wildcats (Thursdays) Report …..We were aliens at the Wargrave festival and with the other sections we won the parade trophy. We all were awarded our bicyclist badge. We should have won the District Shelter Building competition. We went on camp, lit fires, cooked nettle soup, tried it and made chocolate orange cakes and ate them all. Akela sang, a lot, but no one minds too much. We beat the parents at silly games, as usual. We played a conker tournament because Akela likes to play conkers and no one minds too much. We learnt sign language. We learnt about what it was like to be a child during the Second World War, thanks to Tony Elliot….
Read 2017-18 Wildcats Cub Report

Scouts – (Mondays) Report …..We had another busy fun year at 1st Wargrave Scouts and continued with our focus on badgework. Our aim is to give everyone a chance of “going for gold” and achieving the “Chief Scout Gold Award”. Subject to regular attendance on Monday evenings, joining-in camps and completing a large array of tasks to a satisfactory standard, every Scout has an equal opportunity to attain the highest award in Scouting. In April Scouts enjoyed a patrol sewing evening and listened to hobby presentations. Lucy, Luke and Jake represented 1st Wargrave at the Loddon District Field Archery, Target Archery & Rifle Shooting Competition achieving 6th place. We also welcomed 4 new Scouts from Cubs – Isla, Megan and Ellis from Puma’s and Louis from Wildcats. We finished the Spring term somehow managing to squeeze a record 28 Scouts into the hut!…
Read 2017-18 Scouts Report

Historical reports from the last two AGM’s can be found on our website here: