1st Wargrave Scout Group

Wargrave Scouts Village Christmas Post

Dear Scout Parents,

Its that time of year once again when the Scouts provide an important community service to the village whilst raising funds for the Scout Group, by delivering local Christmas cards.

We rely on the participation of as many Scouts as possible to deliver the cards. It is an opportunity for the Scouts to contribute to their community and is especially appreciated by the older folk.

Posting boxes will be in the Library, Victoria News and the Chemist from Saturday 3rd December until Wednesday 20th December. Villagers only pay 20p per card and this is reduced to 15p for senior citizens payable when thy post their cards.  This is much cheaper than Royal Mail (65p First Class or 56p for Second Class Post!).

Cards will be sorted at the Scout Hut on the following days:

  • Friday 8th December at 4.30pm
  • Friday 15th December at 4.30pm
  • Thursday 21st December at 10am

Please can your Scout come to the HQ on these days to help stamp and sort the post. There is no need to wear uniform.

Each sort will last about three-quarters of an hour (probably less for the first and last and more for the middle sort). Scout Parents are welcome to stay and help too!

After each sort, each Scout will get a bundle of cards to deliver over the weekends of December 9th-10th, 16-17th and then between Friday 22-24th. We have allocated roads for each of the Scouts, and we always try to choose roads close to home for the younger boys and girls. Older Scouts may be given cards for roads further from their home, but still within Wargrave village. For safety reasons our Scouts only deliver cards to the central area of the village that is served by pavements.

If Scouts are not at the sort, their bundle of cards to deliver will be brought round to them. If your child cannot do their delivery, please would you let Helen Vonka (subs@wargravescouts.org) know in advance, so their road(s) can be reassigned.

This will be the last year that Helen and Wendy Dowling organise the sorting sessions and we thank them both for their efforts over many years. We are now seeking new volunteers to carry this tradition forward and co-ordinate the Wargrave Village Scout Christmas Post from 2018 onwards. We always appreciate parents helping at the sorts and if your would like to take over the coordination role(s) please join us this year at the sorts, to find out more information.  All of the sorting equipment is stored at the hut so its just a case of being at the sessions and giving us your time and enthusiasm.

Please do support this fund-raising effort yourselves, and let your Scouts deliver your Christmas cards to friends and/or relatives within Wargrave village. Thank you in advance for your support.